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Among Us Review

By Abby and Lilly

Many children and adults play video games across the globe. A very popular video game that many people play happens to be Among Us. Among us is an online multiplayer game. This game takes place in space. There can be up to ten players and there are two different characters you can be; a crewmate or an imposter. However, you can not choose which role you want to be; the game gets to pick if you're the imposter or a crewmate.  

One of the things you will notice when you play this game is that when you open 'Among Us', you have multiple options on your screen; Local, Online, How To Play, and Free Play. Each of these are for separate features. Local will send you to a screen that shows you the games you can join local to your area. When you click Online, you can join games with people playing across the globe. How To Play simply gives you basic instructions on how to play the game and what the game is about, and Free Play is where you play a game by yourself with NPCs (non playing characters) and practice being the imposter, or practice doing all of the tasks a crewmate does on the ship; we will get to that later. In Free Play, you get to choose to be an imposter or crewmate and you can choose whatever tasks you want to practice. You can not play free play with other people. 

As we have mentioned before, this game takes place in space. You can choose to play in the Skield, which is a spaceship, Mirah HQ, a different spaceship, or Polus, a planet. You can pick games with up to three imposters and no less than one. Each game allows up to ten people to join and play, but the game will not start with less than four people. In each game, there is a game host, which is the person that created the server. The game host can choose things such as how many tasks there are (there is a limit), the emergency cool down (how long you have to wait to call another emergency meeting, which we will talk about later), how many emergency meetings you can call, the kill cooldown (how many seconds an imposter has to wait before killing someone), etc. When you create a game, people can join it if they see it in the server lobby.

When you are playing online you can join any game that shows up and they will all have different names and you choose one. After you are in the game you can pick between 12 different colors to be and you can choose a hat to wear. When the game host starts the game that's when it tells you if you are one of the imposters or if you are one of the crewmates. If you end up being a crewmate, you will get a certain amount of tasks to finish and you have to complete them all to win the game before the imposter kills all of the players. If you want to call an emergency meeting because something seems off with one of the players, you can press the big, red emergency button. Every player will be in a conversation about what happened. You can tell who you think the imposter is and everyone can vote on it or you can choose to skip voting. If one player gets more votes than everyone else they will be voted out and it will tell you if he/she was the imposter or not. If you are the Imposter you have fake tasks that you pretend to do to make it seem like you're a crewmate. You don't want anyone to know you're an imposter unless there is more than one imposter in the game. If you get the chance to kill someone without anyone around you can get away with it. When someone finds the body they report it. You can also self report a body that you killed in case you don't want anyone to see you run away from the body. When people report things it goes to a meeting and again you can vote or skip. If someone sees you kill then they will report and you want to try and convince everyone that it isn't you. If there is another imposter in the game other than you, they can help you persuade them that it's not you. 

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