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By Cole

HaHa made you look

There are many different video games in the world; some are first person shooters while others are Role Playing Game (RPG) style. A personal favorite of many people is the game by Bethesda that is called “The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim.” Skyrim has an open world and free roam, meaning that a gamer can go anywhere on the Skyrim map with limitless possibilities. It has interesting and endless combat options with unique Non Player Characters (NPC). The many styles of combat and gameplay becomes the choice of the gamer, selecting magic weapons, stealth, enchantments, or shields, such as fighting using a fork! There are hundreds of quests to go through each different from the last; there are thousands of random occurrences in each play  through; there also are many different  types of play styles you can choose from.

There are many quests for players to choose from, including whether to be good or bad, to kill or spare, or to destroy or take and whatever is determined then makes different outcomes happen, and it's entirely up to the player. In addition to the amazing combat and quests, there is the main story line; the game’s primary plot is centered on dragons returning to the land of Skyrim, and the player portrays the dragon born, an ancient dragon slayer that has to stop Alduin, the dragon god of destruction that seeks to destroy the world. The main story is intriguing to the gamer, and there are hundreds of more quests and storylines, such as becoming a thief and joining the thief guild or becoming an assassin or a werewolf. Another reason Skyrim is so popular is the glitchiness of the game because Skyrim is such a massive game there have been thousands of glitches and exploits that make the game super fun and it is up to the player if they want to use them or not.

There are infinite possibilities and every time a gamer engages in Skyrim, it can be completely different from the previous, which is why it’s a popular choice and it's also why there have been over 50 million copies sold worldwide and three different versions the original Skyrim ,the remastered version ,and the special edition each having their own flaws and strengths though the best out of all of them is the special edition it has the most content more story and quests then any other version of the game. The special edition also comes pre-equipped with the DLC (DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT) for the game. There is so much in skyrim for the player to explore and do and that is why so many people love this amazing game.

GangBeasts Game Review

By: Gunnar and Landon


GangBeasts is a humorous game. The point of it is to throw people off things. For instance wrestling rings, a Ferris wheel, a buoy, a blimp and so many others. They let you customize and make characters, which is nice. But there are different modes. There are waves which are fighting zombies and the waves keep adding one person. Then there is also soccer. The people that made this game are from the UK. The team that created this fun interesting game is Double Fine, Unity, Boneloaf and Skybound Games. They have made other games including another popular one is Human Fall Flat. But Back to GangBeasts There is a gamemode called Gang Which is where you are with a friend and on the other team there are two people and it's pretty much a team. Then there is a free for all called melee which is about every man for himself but in order to win these you have to throw everyone off the map. If you're the last man standing you get a golden star and you can set  how many golden stars you get max is eight. If you get all eight you win the whole thing. The Companies you can play this game on are Microsoft Xbox One, Sony Playstation, Oculus Quest, Skybound Games, Steam, and Humble Store. This Game costs only $20.00 To buy on all of these companies 


  • Dr. Porkchop, Construction worker, Swat cop

  • Midbus, Hilary Clinton, Granny

  • I-No, Donald Trump, Cop

  • MannFred Von Carstein, Mr.Burger, Grandpa

  • Lucrezia Borgia,Delivery Man , Bearded Homeless Guy

  • Shroobs, Punk, Default

There are many different maps to play on in GangBeasts. Some of the maps have little things that can happen over time. Like the map the wheel where over time a ferris wheel gets faster and faster. There is also an elevator level where you can cut the cords to it and it will fall. I will now list all of the game’s levels that you can play on.

  • Alley (Soccer)

  • Aquarium (Melee, Gang)

  • Billboard (Melee, Gang) 

  • Blimp (Melee, Gang)

  • Buoy  (Melee, Gang)

  • Chutes (Melee, Gang)

  • Containers (Melee, Gang)

  • Elevators (Melee, Gang)

  • Girders (Melee, Gang)

  • Gondola (Melee, Gang)

  • Grind (Melee, Gang, Waves)

  • Ring (Melee, Gang)

  • Roof (Melee, Gang, Waves)

  • Incinerator (Melee, Gang, Waves)

  • Lighthouse (Melee, Gang)

  • Towers (Melee, Gang)

  • Train (Melee, Gang)

  • Trucks (Melee, Gang)

  • Subway (Melee, Gang, Waves)

  • Vents (Melee, Gang) 

  • Wheel (Melee, Gang)

  • Sewers (Melee, Gang, Waves)


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