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Back to the Future Trilogy

By Tatum and Jack

Back to the Future is a good movie and it is really interesting because this movie has many cool things that are very interesting. The show back to the future is divided into shows and usually last about two hours per episode. This show also incorporates a lot of fun active energy and it is a funny movie and is fun to watch with friends and family. This is an old fashion movie but if you like old fashion movies then this would be great for you to watch. Back to the Future is about Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly. 

The movie is all about someone from the past but placed in the future. They go back to the past and get Marty McFly's parents to fall in love together; because a picture of his family was fading away. All of his siblings but he only had 3 siblings. If he didn't get his parents to fall in love from back in the past his whole family would disappear even him. The scientist was a crazy old man who loved to invent things and make a car aka a time travel machine. So they brought  themselves back to the past to where his parents went to the prom so that he could ask his dad to ask his mom to get married.

The last episode of this tv show is where they have trouble getting him back to the future and they have to set up a pole that connects to the back of the car and the scientist has to plug in a cord that connects from one street light to another so he gets electrocuted because it broke. Marty McFly had to drive all the way out of town far away and get enough momentum to travel back. The person driving the car almost drove into a building. The speed from the car had created so much fiction that the ground on the tire made light on fire. 

We both think this movie is great and funny and very interesting and  has lots of surprises and many things that you don't expect to see. 

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