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Wings of fire book review 

By Tatum and Abigail 

The book Wings of Fire comes in two different versions; there is the chapter book and a graphic novel. The one  that we are going to talk about is the graphic novel. This book is a great book to read when you are bored or just reading out of free time. The way the author puts the dragons in the book is really cool because the dragons have their own way of expressing themselves. The graphic novel is a good book because there are many cool things that go on in the book and how the small group of five dragons that try to find their way back home.

The main characters are Clay who is a mudwing, Tsunami who is a sea wing, Sunny who is a sand wing, Starflight who is a nightwing and the last dragon is Glory and she is a rainwing.The different characters have their own backstory and the backstories are located in the front of the book and describe where the dragons came from and other interesting things about them. The book has lots of good information to give a bit of the back story. Throughout the book it's broken into chapters. Some of the chapters lead back and forward on their lives like if the Clay, Tsunami, Sunny, Glory, and Starfligiht exploring then after a bit of reading it would switch off to the fighting ring where they kept in for their lives. All of that happens in the book of Clay which is book one. This is a good book because once you start reading it you won't want to stop because it just pulls you in.

Into book two it talks about Tsunamis life and how she tries to get home back to her family back in the ocean.The book pulls a little bit of information out the dragon in each book that the author writes.Tsunami in this book learns new things about herself and find where she belongs but doesn't want to leave her friends behind. She finds where she belongs but still goes and helps her friends get back home. In the same book they try to help Sunny find her home. But they also find Starflights home and he thinks that he should go with his family but also wants to stay with his friends. Starflight leaves and goes home with the other nightwings. Glory is upset about this and takes Starflight body texture and turns into him and tries to get him back. All of the dragons continued to find their families. While they found Glory's family they got sidetracked and stayed there a few days because Glory was home and her home was amazing all in the forest hidden away. Along their journey they run into many things like people and mean crazy dragons they have to fight off and more.

This book is very interesting because there's lots of deep detail. The book describes their life after they were taken away from their home. Wings of fire ends in a very interesting ending because the dragons that found their home they go live in their village and live with their family but Clay's parents didn't remember him so he was left alone with Sunny. This book ends in a very interesting way because the dragons all find their home but Clay and Sunny didn't. Clay and Sunny split up and find a new life and a new chapter in their life. Wings of fire is a great book if you love nonfiction because it is very imaginative.

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