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The Legend of Percy Jackson
reviewed by Cole and Jailynne

In a library tucked on a shelf in the fiction section lies a series of books called Percy Jackson. This book series has been around for many years and has gotten over ten different books and spin off series. The reason this book is so popular and has hooked many new kids into reading is for its amazing plot, its great cast of characters, and the amazing ties to mythology that make this series incredibly interesting. The books are chock full of humor and witty banter like a Spiderman comic, too! The series is a favorite of hundreds of kids and people around the world and it is a great read especially its first book the lightning thief.

In the first book, the main character, Percy Jackson, is a Greek demigod; the book series is about Greek mythology. Percy was a strange person even before he learned he was a demigod. He was always getting into trouble because of his Godly heritage because monsters are attracted to a demigod’s blood. If unclear by the name, a demigod is a human with a Godly parent; Percy's Godly parent, Poseidon, is the God of the oceans and seas. Percy's life is relatively normal until he turns 12 and is attacked by his teacher who is a monster, so he kills her. After that Percy learns that his best friend, Grover Underwood, is a satyr, which is a goat person, and he was tasked with protecting Percy until he learned of his heritage.

Once Percy learns of his heritage as a demigod, he goes to a place called Camp Half Blood with Grover and his mother who knew about his heritage. Camp Half Blood is a magical safe space for demigods like Percy. But, when he arrives, he is attacked by a monster, the minotaur, and it kidnaps Percy’s mother. So, Percy rips off its horn and stabs it through the gut. After he kills the minotaur, he enters the camp and learns that he is the son of Poseidon; he is also tasked with finding Zeus’, the king of the gods, stolen weapon, the lightning bolt, so he and his two friends, Grover and Annabeth, go on a quest to find the lightning bolt, which they learn is in the underworld.


Interestingly, this is where Percy's mom was taken. The God Hades thought Percy had the lightning bolt and wanted it for himself, so Percy and his friends went to the underworld and learned that Percy was being framed to make the gods think he stole the lightning bolt. In the process, Percy saves his mom but, unfortunately, loses Grover in the underworld and confronts the one who framed him and beats him. After that he gives Zeus his lightning bolt back, and Percy meets his father and in gratitude for the return of the lightning bolt brings Grover back from the underworld. 

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