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Kindergarten registration is Wednesday, May 5th between 12-2 pm. Please bring a birth certificate and vaccination records. Call Peggy if you have questions. 208-443-2555

Please check out our 6th grade student let pages listed under the "Our School" tab at the top. We are working on Webpage design as a 6th grade class. We hope you enjoy our photo's, papers, reviews, and our website in general. 

Hello, we’re the 6th grade students of PLE saying goodbyes to this school. 

Hi, I'm Gunnar and I have been going to ple since Preschool. I am going to miss my brothers and sister that have been with me for a very long time. I have lots of friends that are in a lower grade than me that have all acted like brothers to me. I also like all of the teachers that work here. I had a great time here and it was fun. So I hope that I will come back here some other time in my life. Well, bye PLE. 

Hello everyone! I am Tatum and I was recently a new student at the beginning of the year. But even being here for this short amount of time and i could tell everyone here at PLE. and i have made many new friends and think that this school is great. I'm going to miss PLE. But hopefully everyone who is young and still has many years at this school will have a good time and always be happy.

Hi, I'm Lilly and I've been at this school since Pre school. I will miss all my friends that I wont see as much anymore. I will also miss all the memories I’ve made here, but I am hoping to make many more in Junior high! Goodbye PLE. 

Hi I'm Jack. I have been going to PLE for seven years. I am going to miss going to school with all the great teachers. I am excited for 7th grade.    

Hello! My name is Abigail, but I prefer to be called Abby. I have been here since preschool, meaning that I have attended PLE for over eight years! I have become friends with all of the kids in our classroom and have gotten close to all of my 6th grade friends. I love to laugh with them and talk to them. I can honestly say that many funny memories have been made with the kids in my class. I am excited to go to junior high and meet new people, but I will also deeply miss the kids from other grades and the teachers I have known since I can remember! I will miss making these memories, but I will never forget the ones I have made. Goodbye PLE!!

Hello I am Cole and I am very excited for seventh grade. I have been  here for three years and this school has impacted me in many ways. That has been good and bad and has impacted my life to make me who I am so take that how you will. But I know I will miss this palace. Goodbye and thank you for 3 great years of fun times and lots of friends.

Hello my name is Landon and I’ve been here for 8 years and it's been an amazing experience. All the people have been huge inspirations and an impact on my life and how i am today. I have had an amazing experience making new friends and having great teachers. I have had an awesome education and an amazing time being President for 2020-2021 the year  I am leaving. I have had a spectacular experience helping   the school and trying to make new special school days. I am happy I'm making new friends but I won't be able to see my old friends as much as they have had a huge impact on my life. Now goodbye PLE!

                                 Goodbye PLE!

It is important for students to be at school each day so that they build their knowledge and skills and become part of the school community. Thank you for assisting your student in getting to school each day ready to learn!


Success for all with the
Understanding that
Community, parents, students, and educators will
Collaborate and
Empower the
Student to make positive lifelong choices.
Strive for greatness!

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